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Minimising our environmental impact

Even though Goodman uses the most sustainable technologies available in new developments, we still contribute to a site’s carbon neutrality by planting one tree per sqm of building footprint and investing €1 per sqm of developed land into an equivalent carbon saving elsewhere. This maintains and protects the biodiversity in the area.

Quick fact

Goodman has identified a number of sites that can welcome urban forests of +/- 100 sqm within three years. A pilot urban forest already exists in Belgium. 

Protecting biodiversity

By protecting the biodiversity on our sites, Goodman is actually increasing the ecological value of the locations we develop. For example, on some sites, we have been able to increase the landscape’s diversity by growing a Miyawaki-type forest. This introduces the variety of natural vegetation that would have existed had there not been human intervention.

As sweet as honey

Goodman equips logistics sites with beehives. Bees are important both ecologically and commercially, as they provide the vital pollination for local crops and forests.


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