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Carbon neutral logistics spaces

Goodman offers customers the opportunity to lease future-proof logistics space. With contemporary designs and smart sustainability features, these net-zero emissions’ buildings are perfectly suited for companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint. All our developments in the Netherlands are all at least BREEAM certified “Very Good”.


Venlo III - sustainable day-to-day operations

At Venlo III Logistics Centre, with a total building area of 7,254 sqm, our customers will be able to carefully monitor their sustainability performance. With a roof equipped with solar panels, customers will be able to power day-to-day operations and charge their EV vehicles. They’ll also be able to monitor and limit their energy consumption via the smart meters and the energy-efficient lighting.

  • Zero carbon building & solar pv
  • Efficient water management
  • Waste management
  • Harmonious building design
  • Bicycle friendly environment
  • BREEAM Very Good

Quick fact

Goodman has identified a number of sites that can welcome urban forests of +/- 100 sqm within three years. A pilot urban forest already exists in Belgium. 

Biodiversity on site is encouraged

By protecting the biodiversity on our sites, Goodman is actually increasing the ecological value of the locations we develop. In some instances, Goodman is equipping its logistics sites with beehives. Bees are important both ecologically and commercially, as they provide the vital pollination for local crops and forests.

  • Landscaping favouring biodiversity
  • Improved water management 
  • Beehives

Nijmegen III - designed to be a fossil-fuel-free environment

At Nijmegen III — with the entire roof covered with solar pv — our customer is able to operate in a completely fossil-fuel-free environment. This includes the heating and cooling, which are designed to work using electricity that you produce yourself. As with our other sites in the Netherlands, Goodman follows the BREEAM sustainability guidelines to protect the biodiversity in the area.

  • Solar pv on the roof
  • Fully electric heat pumps to eliminate fossil fuel 
  • Nesting area for birds of prey: box on a pole in green area
  • Nesting area for swallows and bats: bird boxes fixed to façade 

Embodied carbon

In order to mitigate the effects of climate change we are increasing energy efficiency and pushing for renewable energy production. By doing so we want to reduce the amount of carbon generated by the fossil fuels we burn in order to operate our buildings. But as crucial as that is, we also need to think about the greenhouse gases that are emitted to construct our buildings: the embodied carbon.
We therefore are committing to compensate for the impacts associated with extracting, manufacturing, and transporting materials to our construction sites through local reforestation programs.

Here’s what we committed for in 2020 to compensate for the development of Nijmegen III Logistics Centre and Venlo III Logistics Centre: 

  • 39,000 trees to be planted in the regions of Nijmegen and Venlo
  • €71,000 to be invested in local biodiversity programs in Nijmegen and Venlo 

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