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Entering in a partnership with Goodman

Have an open conversation with us about the wide range of possibilities we offer and discover how to maximise the potential of your property with Goodman by your side.

Direct sale of the real estate you're occupying

The reasons for selling your property can be manifold: need for larger or smaller space, a better or cheaper location, consolidating operations in a central location or for investment reasons. Or you may simply wish to stop your activities.

Our teams are constantly on the lookout for strategic locations and we offer our expertise and guidance throughout the entire process: from purchasing (both short or middle-long term scenarios are possible) to offering or searching alternative locations. Contact us to discover possible scenarios to enter in a partnership with Goodman.


Sale and leaseback of the real estate you are occupying

With a sale-and-leaseback, you sell your real estate property to Goodman and then rent it back for a specified period. This transaction can provide a way out for several reasons, but it is usually the search for liquidity in the short term that forms the underlying reason for a sale-and-leaseback agreement. It is a potentially interesting option to release 100% of the real estate capital so that you can focus on your core activities, while guaranteeing the continuity of the operations on the initial location. Read more 

Due to our very strong liquidity position, we are not dependent on bank financing, which allows us to act quickly and efficiently in case of purchase. In addition, Goodman distinguishes itself through its long-term vision on real estate. As a long-term investor and developer, our focus is on the sustainable upgrading of locations with respect for the immediate and wider environment.

Expect better, faster, greener

Direct sale and redevelopment of your investment

As a real estate investor, you want to ensure that your real estate portfolio always meets your predefined strategy, return and risk analysis. When the rental is difficult or locations no longer (fully) meet your criteria and you are considering divesting them, Goodman is the ideal partner to discuss possible sales solutions in open dialogue.

Given our proven track record in redeveloping industrial and contaminated sites, we dare to take risks and go for complex projects that require decontamination and demolition to prepare the site for construction. Goodman typically has several development scenarios in mind for a variety of building types, but renovation and (partial) preservation of buildings are also possible. This way, Goodman creates maximum value for your property, enabling us to offer competitive pricing.

Taking over the lease of your investment

In addition to being a developer, Goodman is also a long-term investor and manager of industrial real estate worldwide. In the Netherlands, Goodman manages 16 locations with a total of 700,000 m². A building does not necessarily have to be vacant for Goodman to look at it with great interest: a strategically located property that is still under lease contracts, can also be of great value to us. If, for a variety of reasons, you consider divesting older or more recent real estate, Goodman will be happy to talk to you about taking over such sites, including lease contracts, as a long-term investment.

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