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Cookie notice

This notice explains what cookies are and the types of cookies that Goodman ("we") uses on and other websites or applications that may link to this Cookie Notice (collectively, the “Sites”).

What are cookies?

Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to your computer or other device when you visit a website. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website every time you visit the site again, so it can recognise you and can then tailor what you see on the screen.

Goodman’s use of cookies on our Sites

Goodman makes use of cookies. By using our website you agree that, unless you have set your computer's browser to reject them, we can place the types of cookies set out in the table below on your device, and use that data in accordance with this policy.

We use cookies to customise and improve the users’ experience when visiting our Sites; to deliver content tailored to the users’ interests and the manner in which they browse our Sites; and to manage our Sites and other aspects of our business. 

What types of cookies are used on the Sites and what choices do you have? 

Cookie Type Description
Strictly Necessary Cookies These cookies are necessary for the Sites to work, and enable you to move around the Sites and use their services and features. Disabling these cookies will encumber the Sites' performance and may make these services and features unavailable. Strictly necessary cookies are used to collect session ID and authentication data.
Functional Cookies Functional cookies allow the Sites to help maintain your session and remember the choices you have made in order to provide functionality for your benefit. Functional cookies are used to collect information about your language preferences and other preferences indicated during your visit to the Sites.
Analytic Cookies Analytic cookies are used to gather statistics about the use of the Sites in order to improve the performance and design of the Sites and our services. For these purposes, analytic cookies collect information about your device type, operating system type, browser type, domain, other system settings, IP address, referring URLs, information on actions taken on the Sites and the dates and times of your visits, as well as the country and time zone in which your device is located.
Third Party Cookies      We partner with selected third parties. By using the Sites or engaging with third-party plugins and widgets on our Sites, such third parties may place session or persistent cookies, or similar technologies, on your browser. These technologies may provide the third parties information about your visit so that they can present you with advertisements for Goodman products and services which may be of interest to you. This helps us track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

The following is a list of the cookies used on the Sites.

Goodman country website selection
Upon visiting the Goodman global website (, users are provided with the option to make their local country website their default website instead. A cookie is used to store the selected country site name and to determine whether the user needs to be redirected to their local country site when visiting the global site.

Investor login
Goodman investors who login to the Goodman website to view information about their investment are tracked with a cookie. 

Cookie disclosure message
A cookie is used on the Goodman website to display the cookie disclosure message and provide website users with the option to accept cookies used on the site.

Property shortlist 
When browsing the properties for lease section of the website, users are provided with the option to add selected properties to a shortlist. A cookie is used to store the property shortlist data.

Sitecore tracking
Sitecore uses a global analytics cookie to identify site visitors, detect robots and perform tracking. Data tracked by Sitecore that is associated to the tracking cookie includes:

  • User profile – this information is tracked only when site visitors enter profile information via website forms and agree to the site privacy policy upon submission of the form
  • Visitor interactions to the website, e.g. pages visited, click through, etc.
  • Browser information
  • The referrer information upon which visitors opened the URL to the Goodman website
  • Sitecore engagement value – a metric used by Sitecore to measure how engaged visitors are on the Goodman website
  • Whether or not the visitor triggered specific goals in the website
  • IP address and geolocation information
  • Operating system
  • Screen resolutions
  • Search keywords
  • Access date and time

Additional Sitecore cookies
Sitecore also utilises additional cookies for the purpose of:

  • Authenticating visitors who log into the Goodman investor login section
  • Tracking and storing session information for website visitors
  • Storing website preference such as language selection

Lead Forensics website tracking
Contained within our website is tracking code provided by Lead Forensics. This code enables Lead Forensics to track activity on the business section of our website and provide Goodman with information on the IP address of the requesting computer (this data is not anonymised), the date and duration of the user’s visit, and the web pages which the user visits. 

The Lead Forensics tool uses IP tracking for identifying businesses and is not the same as cookies. The Lead Forensics tracking code does not, and cannot, provide individual, personal or sensitive data regarding who has visited our website. It provides information on what company has visited our website by identifying them from their IP address. This data may be used by us to contact the business about their experience or for marketing purposes. We will not pass this data to third parties for any reason. More information can be found at

LinkedIn Insight Tag
The LinkedIn Insight Tag enables the collection of data regarding members’ visits to our website, including the URL, referrer, IP address, device and browser characteristics (User Agent), and timestamp. This data is encrypted, the IP addresses are truncated, and members’ direct identifiers are removed within seven days in order to make the data pseudonymous. This remaining, pseudonymized data is then deleted within 90 days.

LinkedIn does not share the personal data with the website owner, it only provides aggregated reports about the website audience and ad performance. LinkedIn also provides retargeting for website visitors, enabling the website owner to show personalised ads off its website by using this data, but without identifying the member. LinkedIn members can control the use of their personal data for advertising purposes through their account settings.

Google DoubleClick
An advertiser cookie that enables Google to display our advertisements on other sites based on your browsing history within the Goodman website. The cookie assists us in tracking marketing campaign effectiveness. 

Google Dynamic Remarketing
This cookie collects anonymous data and enables us to serve relevant advertising content to users that have previously visited our website.

How do I disable or remove cookies? 

You may restrict or disable the use of cookies through your browser. Each type of browser offers ways to restrict and delete cookies. For more information on how to manage cookies through your browser, please visit the appropriate link below.  

For more information on how we collect, use and share your personal information, please consult Goodman’s privacy notice.